Christmas meeting 2023

Christmas meeting 2023

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Christine Springett’s design for a Christmas decoration

Group Christmas Lacemaking Activity

For our Christmas 2023 meeting we planned a more interactive lacemaking evening. We asked everyone to bring along an empty pillow, together with their pins, cloths and stitch holders (for the homeward journey). We supplied 5 pairs of bobbins per person, (ready wound with sparkly thread in a choice of colours) and a gold or silver coloured bangle. We also supplied the ready-pricked pattern and instruction sheet with diagrams to create their own colourful Christmas decorations. The pattern came from Christine Springett’s book, ‘Lace for Children of all Ages’.

When we had finished our mulled wine and mince pies, several lacemakers had finished their decoration during the evening, and those that hadn’t took theirs home to complete. It was a lovely friendly evening and everyone enjoyed making lace together.

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