Lace Instagram Challenge 2021

Lace Instagram Challenge 2021

I am so grateful to Jane Fullman for setting the 2021 Lace challenge and by doing so for introducing me to so many wonderful lacemakers and of course, to Instagram.

It was not easy at first but I have learn a little more each day. Having a granddaughter to suggest which app to use for my photos was a great help.

I have gained so much by taking part in the challenge and hope that I have also added something to it with my regular posts. Seeing what some of the worlds most eminent crafts people have posted for each word, was inspirational. I have met up with old friends and now follow other new friends across the world, hearing about their lace projects past and present. It has been amazing to see what paths some lacemakers are following and how others make their living from lace, but always with the same shared passion.  Jenny Davies

I wish each and every one of you happy lacemaking in 2021.




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