Amazing Lace popularity at Living Crafts!

Amazing Lace popularity at Living Crafts!

Three lacemakers demonstrating in front of the display of lace fans at Living crafts
Three lace demonstrators

The next three days were fantastic! There were so many visitors to Living Crafts, held in the grounds of Hatfield House in Hertfordshire, and most of the people who looked at our lace display wanted to try their hand at bobbin lace with a little help from our demonstrators. Over the four days of the craft fair we helped in excess of 175 people discover how to make the basic bobbin lace stitches on our ‘Have a Go’ pillows. As the weather warmed up so the number of visitors seemed to increase over the weekend; the country fair atmosphere was enjoyed by all.

Demonstrating Lacemaking
Demonstrating at Hatfield House Living Crafts

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